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Badges are the longest standing and effective promotional product that offers ultimate personalisation.

We offer an extensive portfolio of finishes and effects that will make your brand shine; ranging from matt, to a two-tone finishes. You can even add a bit of sparkle to make your logo stand out. 

We can mould almost any concept in metal, from intricate cut out shapes to 3D designs.

Please find details below of our different badge styles.

All enquires are welcome for badge designs.

Button Badges:

Standard pin, or child safe fitting 

  • Size: available on 38mm, 45mm, 55mm or 75mm

Soft Enamel Badges

  • Size: 30mm cut to shape within size – Other sizes available.
  • Material/Thickness: Metal 1mm thick
  • Plating: Silver nickel
  • Method: Stamped
  • Fitting: Butterfly clutch pin
  • Colours: Up to 4 soft enamel colours

Personalised Metal Name Badges:

The best quality real metal name badges

  • Digitally printed in full colour or screen printed in Pantone matched colours
  • 15 different shapes and sizes including 3 ovals
  • Names can be in any colour or typeface
  • Wide choice of metal finishes available
  • Additional clear dome finish option
  • Standard badge fittings are bar pin or metal clip and pin
  • Many other fittings, including magnets, are also available
  • No minimum order on digitally printedbadges

Aluminium Badges

  • Size: Up to 35mm cut to shape within size   
  • Material/Thickness: Aluminium
  • Plating: Without
  • Method: Printed
  • Epoxy: With
  • Fitting: Butterfly clutch pin
  • Colours: Up to four colour process


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