Display Handbook

Display #4 Roller Banners Before choosing your Roller Banner, ask yourself: 1. :KHUH ZLOO LW EH SRVLWLRQHG LQGRRUV RU RXWGRRUV" 2. +RZ RIWHQ ZLOO \RXU EDQQHU EH XVHG 2FFDVLRQDOO\ RU GDLO\" 3. +RZ PXFK VSDFH LV DYDLODEOH IRU WKH EDQQHU" 4. :KDW LV WKH ULJKW VL]H WR DWWUDFW \RXU DXGLHQFH" ΖW LV LPSRUWDQW WR FKRRVH WKH ULJKW VL]H ZLWKRXW RYHU FURZGLQJ \RXU GLVSOD\ DUHD Roller Banners are one of the most SRSXODU DQG H΍HFWLYH FRPPXQLFDWLRQ WRROV DYDLODEOH Using our solutions will exceed your expectations, whatever your needs may be, from desktop, retail outlets, H[KLELWLRQ VWDQGV WR WKH RɝFH HQYLURQPHQW We have one of the widest ranges of both economy and premium Roller Banners on the market, with widths ranging from 600mm to 3000mm! It’s therefore important WR FKRRVH WKH ULJKW RQH IRU \RXU QHHGV +HUH LV D TXLFN JXLGH H[SODLQLQJ ZKDW \RX VKRXOG FRQVLGHU 5. :LOO \RX QHHG WR FKDQJH WKH JUDSKLF" $UH WKH PHVVDJHV FRQVLVWHQW RU ZLOO \RX QHHG WR DOWHUQDWH PHVVDJHV IRU GL΍HUHQW RFFDVLRQV RU R΍HUV" 6. :KDW LV WKH ULJKW PDWHULDO IRU \RXU QHHGV" &KHFN WKH HQYLURQPHQW DQG VHOHFW WKH ULJKW PDWHULDOV WR PHHW \RXU QHHGV EDQQHU YLQ\O SRO\HVWHU RU WH[WLOH IDEULF 7. :KDW LV \RXU EXGJHW" 7RS JUDSKLF UDLO DWWDFKPHQWV H[SODLQHG :H UHFRPPHQG XVLQJ 39& PHGLD ZKHQ XVLQJ WKH DGKHVLYH UDLO %DVH JUDSKLF DWWDFKPHQW H[SODLQHG ΖI \RX QHHG WR FKDQJH \RXU JUDSKLF RIWHQ WKHQ ZH UHFRPPHQG FKRRVLQJ WKH FDVVHWWH banner system Premium EVA Semi rigid Padded nylon with side opening and foam reinforced ends Bags are provided for all Roller Banners and include a business card holder and carry handles for ease of transportation Simple nylon Premium dual action self-adhesive and snap rail 7UDQVSRUW EDJ W\SHV H[SODLQHG Self-adhesive rail Snap rail SmartFix rail (snap / self-adhesive) Sliding system Self-adhesive leader Hook and loop strip Cassette Nylon with padded inner protection (double skin)